What is Design/Build?

Licensed Architect – Licensed Builder – All In One

The following outlines some of the advantages of having an architect as your builder:

  1. Through the eyes of an Architect, I will completely review the Construction Documents to make sure there are as few as possible errors & omissions. I will redline a set of drawings and work with your Architect/Engineers – Electrical – Mechanical – Structural – Civil; and see to it they are complete prior to any bidding. It is essential that this is done. It is my pet peeve, as these documents represent “the work,” and if anything is missing, the subcontractors will not bid on it. For example, I routinely want all drain pipes and baths, completely insulated, missing outlets, hose bibs (water spikets) gas lines to outdoor fireplace, etc., and if for any reason it is not called out on the drawings, and it is not in the subcontract, when it comes time for installation, if anyone wants it at that time, it will be a change order. I go to great lengths, to make sure all the Working Drawings and Specs are very complete. I have not yet seen a set of drawings that were. My extra expertise diminishes this problem. And this can go on and on. One may call it “Project/Cost Creep.” Simply change orders. Because I have been on the Architectural side as well as the Building side, I know what a complete set should look like. These items can eat you up.
  2. As a Licensed Architect and prior experience as a Forensic Architect, I scrutinize subcontracts and make sure they completely cover all intended work. Notoriously, they don’t. Either a humidifier, efficiency rating of equipment, finish specs, just something is missed on a subcontract. I routinely mark-up subcontracts and ensure to my client complete work. In fact, I will go to the following extent: If there is any loophole in the subcontract for intended work, whether they miss it on the drawings, or they miss it in communication, I will absorb the cost. Many subs would say, you signed the contract and the contract missed a window. I am extremely detailed and I guarantee success. I am that confident that I would pay for the window. I have been through this frequently and this is why I am so precise and can give you my guarantee
  3. As an Architect, I typically include to my clients my experience as to finish selections, trim, doors, custom millwork, tile, carpet, cabinets, windows, hardwood, etc. You can see the work I have done in my brochure. If all work by the Architect is not specified, don’t worry, I will assist.
  4. You will have a Licensed Architect oversee every aspect of the construction down to the inch. I am not just a builder on the job site. I will reject any work which is less than 100%. Typically, an Architect would charge a nice fee for “Contract Administration.” This is included.
  5. I will obtain up to 3 bids per trade on this project, and if we don’t meet the budget, I will continue to bid out work. I will allow you to invite a subcontractor of your choice to bid on ANY SUBCONTRACT work. If you or someone you know would like to bid on a part of the project, it will be okay with me. We will certainly want to check references, needed licenses, and insurance. I do not force you to use the subs I am familiar with.


  • As an Architect, I will review all Construction Documents & Specs to make sure they are tight.
  • All subcontracts to be crucially complete. If anything is missed, I will absorb the cost.
  • Provide Architectural finish selections, if needed.
  • Licensed Architect on the jobsite.
  • I will get up to 3 bids per trade until your satisfied
  • I will allow your invited subs to bid on work.
  • No invoices paid until work matches invoices 100%.
  • I would cap my fee – this assures you I have every motive to get you the best prices; otherwise the higher the cost, the higher the GC Fee. I don’t do that.
  • Lastly, I will put my blood and sweat with great passion into your project, as I do with all my work.

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